Big Narstie – Woah

In this video, we wanted to go for a bright and colourful 90’s/00’s vibe. Using a contrasting and vibrant colour palette, we created an uplifting video intercut with some darker and more gritty portrait shots on the streets of London.
With the help of our carpenter and graffiti artists, we put together a 3×3 meter box to have our models and Narstie perform in, this was complemented by the anamorphic lenses giving a slightly warped perspective on the box and the tracking in and out of our talent.
The mixture of handheld and dolly camera movements gave an overall energetic feel to the visual, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this upbeat and hard-hitting track.

Role: Director, DOP, Edit, ColourEquipment: RED Scarlet-W, Lomo Anamorphics

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